Commercial Services

Office Installations

  • If you are looking to upgrade or move your company’s offices it’s important that you get the electrical installation right, particularly lighting.

    The provision for electrical supply may change as your team grows or technology changes. Getting one of M-techs experienced electricians on board from the design stage means that you are able to use their expertise and knowledge to plan for your requirements now and in the future.

    Office Lighting Image

  • Lighting is important for an office environment as incorrect lighting, or lighting that is positioned incorrectly may be the cause of strain on computer operatives. M-Techs experienced electricians would look to recommend a range of quality fittings. These assist with LG3 and LG7 workplace illumination guides to distribute light evenly on walls and ceilings.

  • Having the option to upgrade lighting that is energy efficient and to add controls to lighting in infrequently used areas, such as meeting rooms or restrooms where the lighting can be controlled using passive infrared (PIR). This eliminates the waste of power when lights are left on in areas when they are not being used.

    Can M-Tech improve your current office? Or help with moving into a new office space? I.e power poles, dado trunking lighting and data. By planning your current or new space properly you can increase staff morale and productivity

Shop Fit Outs

  • M-Tech could help with your current or future shop fits, Whether you are a shop fitting company or an independant Client we can aid you with the electrical aspect from design to install. This can be done out of hours to meet your completion times and budget .

Recently we worked on Couverture & The Garbstore based in Notting Hill. (Image below)

an image of the inside of a clothing shop

The M-tech team are fully trained, professional electrical contractors with years of experience in undertaking projects both large and small.

Our experiences as electrical contractors across a range of industries means that we have the understanding and technical expertise to turn our hand to any project you can throw at us! So far, we have been trusted to undertake projects for bars, restaurants, care homes, gyms and dentists, amongst many, many others. 

Periodic Testing

  • Electrical Installations can deteriorate with use and age ,and periodic fixed wire testing is vital to ensure the safety of users ,livestock, property and the safety and serviceability of equipment.

    Also referred to as ‘hard wire testing’, ‘periodic inspection’ or ‘Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)’, fixed wire testing is a regime involving professional testing of the electrical systems, circuits and services carrying electricity around a building. It covers the majority of the hard wiring throughout a building, meaning items such as main panels, distribution boards, lighting, socket outlets and air conditioning are all covered.

    fixed wire testing image

    The testing involves performing a number of inspections and electrical tests throughout the building. Our experienced team are always up to the task but be aware that the testing can cause some disruption to the site due to the requirements for disconnecting numerous electrical circuits during the testing. However, M-TECH always ensure that the hours we work are the most convenient for you to reduce the chance of disruption and get out of your hair in no time.

    M-tech electrical testing kit

    All fixed wire testing carried out by Circuit Compliance is conducted by qualified professionals in accordance with the Institute of Electrical Engineers Current Edition of the Wiring Regulations (BS7671) Guidance Note 3. We test for a range of issues including overloaded circuits, fire hazards, shock risks and lack of earthing/bonding, as well as identifying defective electrical work which could lead to future problems. We’ve got you covered!

    We can work out of hours to minimise disruption, at no extra cost.

    We provide comprehensive periodic inspection reporting.

    We carry out a full range of remedial repairs where required.

Emergency Lighting 

If you have a business premises and employ staff then you have a duty of care and responsibility. Our emergency lighting installation service helps ensure that in the event of an emergency or power failure, escape from the building is not hindered by the lack of emergency lighting.

We can plan and install your system, taking evacuation routes into account and identifying areas that will require the lighting and signage. All legal and health and safety requirements are taken into consideration, and qualified electrical engineers will ensure that all equipment is tested after installation so that it works effectively if it’s ever needed.

Image of emergency lighting

Emergency lighting, like your fire alarm system, should be regularly checked and maintained. Arranging a planned maintenance contract allows us to visit at regular intervals to test your system for efficiency and to ensure that power is reaching all lights and signs effectively

Electrical Switchgear Upgrading and Replacements 

Comprehensive Range Of Switch Fuses and Switchgear

We have a comprehensive range of products to provide you with the best value for budget electrical systems for your offices, public building, factory or other commercial premises. Our experienced electricians are fully qualified and experienced professionals who are used to working with both single and three phase systems.

Image of a fusebox

Designed To Your Specific Needs

 We have the in-depth knowledge of what will work best for your environment. It doesn’t matter if you need indoor or external switchgear, we have installed and replaced it all!

A Hassle-Free, Comprehensive and Fast Service Experience

We are committed to offering a friendly, professional, and comprehensive service experience to our customers. When you call us on 01278 238 360, you will speak directly to an experienced electrician and not a receptionist. The benefit to yourself is a fast hassle-free experience, meaning your switchgear and sub-mains system will be installed or repaired faster.

Get The Guidance To Choose The Right Switchgear and Switch Fuse

We pride ourselves on offering a transparent and jargon-free service, so that you know exactly what’s what. If you are a it in the dark about choosing the right systems and solutions for your premises, no problem. Contact us and speak to our specialists, they will be happy to analyse your requirements and identify the precisely the right solution for you.

Data Cabling

Local and Reliable

 We have an array of data cabling products and services covering the design and installation and testing of Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, Cat7 and Optical fibre.

From the initial site survey to design and installation you can rest assured your network is in good hands.

data cables

So What Makes Us Different?

Unlike many data cabling companies, we work as a partner to I.T managers, support where required using specialist skills and resources. We take pride in our employees. From technical assistance to account administrator. Keeping a real can do attitude which is accommodating as well as focused on achieving the requirements of the customers.

Quality is an inherent part of our service delivery. We have strict controls to assess our own efficiency and always seek customer feedback. We take action upon this to deliver a superior level of customer service. 

Modern business technology demands high-speed internet access and efficient computer networks linked to phone and VoIP systems. Not only must your cabling embrace today's technology, it must also be planned for growth to meet your future needs. 

office telephones

Having a structured data cabling system installed in your building is essential for high-speed communications. Many buildings already have data cabling installed, but sadly some of these simply don't meet the needs of today's business. If you are thinking about a new data cabling installation, or undertaking a review of your existing system, M-tech can help you with:

Data cabling
Category 5 and 5e cabling
Category 6 enhanced cabling
Telephone cabling
AV (audio-visual) cabling
Shielded Category 5e and 6 cabling
IP networking
Server room cabling

Data Cabling needn’t be challenging, why not give us a try?

This is just some of the commercial work we undertake. If it's not on the list above it doesn't mean we don't do it - please just get in touch on 01278 238360 

The power to do it right....Professional, dependable & reliable

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